“The worst place you can be is in your own head.”

Why does it happen that suddenly your entire world comes crashing down and you have no hopes left to go anywhere? Whatever you’ve wanted usually seems so easy to get, but just when you feel you’ve reached carpe diem, your dreams just run away from you. Why is it that no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put in, everything….everything just seems to vanish within a split of a second? Why does the world abide by practical statistics and reasoning, and why don’t people value creativity? Why doesn’t the world run on sincerity and passion, rather than blindly following paper based experiences and degrees? Why the spirit to work isn’t admired, and why isn’t the earnestness behind it lauded? Why can’t people, just for one minute…one tiny minute, think of the endeavor someone has made, to reach a certain stage? Why don’t interviewers ask you about things that make you feel alive? Why doesn’t the world value your hunger for your avocation? Why don’t people ask you about your obsessions, and why do they always ask about your mainstream achievements? Why isn’t the zeal to do something new praised? And why don’t people admire your eagerness to keep exploring? Why does a typical 9-5 job guarantee you a steady settlement in life, and why doesn’t fascination have a say in this negligent world? Why does one need validation from the world and why can’t one just simply follow their heart? Why does the mind seek acceptance from a perfunctory world, and why doesn’t one have the power to negate the mechanical assumptions of people? Why can’t one shrug off the negative energy created around them and why does it get so difficult to glide towards a positive picture? Why can’t the questionable voices in our heart and mind stop? And why can’t we persuade ourselves to shift from the clutches of an unemotional world? Why does it happen that no matter how resistant you’re towards the world, you always fail to emerge as the winner, and why does one fall prey to the conventions created by this soulless world. Why is it that there are no answers and why does the fear linger that maybe, there’ll never be an answer to all these questions……..


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